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Experience seamless communication and significant cost savings with our VoIP phone system.

Unlock the Power of VoIP Communication with Triple Cities Network Solutions

Triple Cities Network Solutions offers fully-featured VoIP solutions that provide major cost-benefits for your business. By utilizing your Internet connection, our VoIP system offers incomparable savings, with potential cost reductions of up to 70% off your current phone bill.

Save on communication costs with our VoIP phone system

Efficiently manage your business communication with VoIP

Utilize your internet connection for seamless and cost-effective communication

Experience significant savings on your phone bill with VoIP

Enjoy the benefits of a reliable and affordable communication solution

Streamline your business communication with our VoIP system

Enhance productivity and collaboration with our advanced VoIP features

Streamlined Communication for Your Business

Our VoIP system seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, providing efficient and streamlined communication for your business. With our fully-featured VoIP solutions, you can experience major cost-benefits by utilizing your Internet connection for all of your organization's communication needs. Say goodbye to expensive phone bills and hello to incomparable savings of up to 70%.


Major cost-benefits utilizing your Internet connection for communication needs.


Incomparable savings with up to 70% cost reduction on phone bills.

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As the owner of a growing professional engineering, surveying, and architectural services firm, we are dependent on information technology to serve our clients. In our first 12 years of business, IT support was a continuous pain point and was limiting our growth potential and effectiveness in serving our clients. The decision to outsource our IT support to TCNS was not an easy one at the time but was a decision that I have not regretted since making it back in February 2020. Their support line has provided our staff with prompt professional telephone remote access support that has kept our staff working most efficiently at a flat rate regardless of the number of calls.
TCNS helped us move our files to a cloud-based application, preparing us for limitless growth and opportunity. Our staff retention is higher because they have the best equipment and less frustration in general over IT issues, and our clients have benefited significantly as well. I recommend anyone who is considering TCNS to give them the opportunity to do what they have done for us by taking us to a new level.
- President at a leading multi-state Engineering firm
We have had the privilege of working with Triple Cities Network Solutions since 2018, and thus far they have exceeded our expectations in every category. Their knowledge of regulatory requirements, best practices and standards, ipsec concerns, various software platforms, and current and emerging technologies is far above the average IT consultant. Their staff is always courteous and eager to help right away, and all issues and resolutions are logged in detail; reducing confusion when a new project comes along or an issue require revisiting.

Triple Cities Network Solutions doesn’t waste your time and they don’t ‘nickel and dime you to death.’ These are real professionals with knowledge and, most importantly, the ability to overcome any IT hurdle and build a custom-tailored solution that you can grow with.
I highly recommend Triple Cities Network Solutions for any and all IT needs.
- Chief Technology Officer at a leading National Wholesaler
Our multiple companies have retained Drew and Triple Cities Network Solutions (TCNS) for several years to update and maintain our IT program. They have been invaluable with their work on our data wiring, server upgrades, cyber security, desktops, laptops and our entire IT system. Prior to working with TCNS we did not have a complete comfort level with our system as it related to our growth and technology advances. TCNS has provided excellent service in a timely manner.
- CEO at a leading Architecture, Engineering and Surveyor Firm


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VoIP systems offer cost savings, flexibility in location, enhanced scalability, and a rich set of modern communication features that traditional phone systems can't match.

VoIP technology enables features like automated attendants, call forwarding, and integration with CRM systems, improving response times and personalizing customer interactions.

Yes, with proper setup including redundant network configurations and secure internet connections, VoIP systems provide reliable service. Advanced encryption protocols also ensure secure voice communications.

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